Enhance your comfort through a gait analysis.

A gait analysis allows us to identify the root of your discomfort or proactively prevent future injuries by providing detailed visual insights into your walking or running style. At H.H Sports Therapy in Neath, our team can delve deep into the problem through gait analysis. Contact us today to learn more.

Don’t ignore that potential for long-term damage

Are you suffering with pain in your back or joints? Have you received treatment, but the results are short lived? A gait analysis can help us to give you in depth information on your gait, allowing us to gather and analyse information on your full body movements. It can help us identify weaknesses and imbalance giving us information to be able to provide you with accurate exercises to strengthen any physical weaknesses. This can be used to help reduce pain and improve your day-to-day activities or to help improve your sports performance, which is used by many professional athletes. Combined with custom 3D orthotics, it can help to support your gait whilst we work with you to strengthen the imbalances that have been identified by our cutting-edge technologies and software.

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A custom gait analysis

Our qualified sports therapists at H.H Sports Therapy with over 12 years of experience can perform a professional analysis that accounts for every aspect of your particular gait, from the posture you hold to the stability of your pelvis. Once we’ve carried out the assessment, we’ll discuss the findings with you and outline whether or not your particular gait is the reason for the problems you’re facing. From there, we can advise on modifications that you can make to your running style for all-round well-being, not to mention running shoe choice so you’ve got the proper support in place. Whether you run competitively or just because, a gait analysis could keep you healthy and on your feet for years to come.

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